Adonis Golden Ratio Reveals Magic to Achieve Attractive Male Body 

Not many of us were aware about Adonis index and its importance in determining attractive body. After Johan Barban came up with the Adonis Golden Ration most of us understood the difference between having muscular body and attractive body. In Greek mythology, Adonis is praised as lord or god of beauty and desire. It was supposed that Adonis was having the perfectly symmetrical body that was considered proportion of beauty. In modern days, we call this as Adonis Index, which actually is measurement between shoulder sizes to waist. Health Internetwork is place where Adonis Golden Ratio is made available so persons looking to achieve aesthetically pleasing body can get it in easy way.

What Actually Is Adonis Golden Ratio?

Based on the concept that everything you need to do either to lose weight or build muscles in inherent in your own DNA.  Developed, researched and written by John Barban Adonis Golden Ratio advices readers the easy and stress free way of removing belly fat and building lean muscles as per the fundamentals of Adonis index.


According to Adonis index, people with different height will find an ideal shoulder to waist measurements that makes their body look beautiful and attractive. Usually this measurement or index is 1:1.16 where is 1 considered as your waist and 1.16 is considered as your shoulder size.

No kidding, usually all men working out in gym, lifting weights or building lean muscles are interested to achieve a body that can attract women towards them. Adonis Golden Ratio is actually based on this principle only, wherein system approach to achieving perfect body is depicted. From exercises to diet and from nutrition to supplements everything that is necessary to build aesthetically pleasing and irresistible body for women is mentioned in this book in easily understandable manner.

Should You Buy It?

Actually, the success ratio of this book is almost 97% so you do not have to think much. In addition, the price is only $47 which is easily affordable and that too with flexible money back guarantee. However, only those people should dare to buy this book that have made up their mind to sincerely read and follow the instructions, procedures and exercise regime mentioned in this book. Health Internetwork is the right and trusted place to buy this book without any hazards. Who knows, after 12 weeks even you can witness yourself transformed in to Adonis.